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Cassandra Solutions

Cassandra with Confidence

ABAB offers a wide range of consulting services designed to help you accelerate your adoption of  Apache and DSE Cassandra and other open source technologies. Our team is comprised of experienced professionals with thorough knowledge that can deliver tailor made solutions.

Our Skills and Experience

  We Specialize in Offering


  • ​Design and Architect the solutions using Cassandra.

  • Capacity planning of clusters.​

  • Choosing optimal hardware and hardware settings.

  • Defining data models.

  • Automated infrastructure for all cluster  maintenance activities.

  • Setting up monitoring using various tools.

  • Implement backup and restore procedures.

  • Authentication using LDAP/AD/Kerberos.

  • Transport level encryption using SSL.

  • Data at rest encryption using DSE. TDE(Transparent data encryption)  

  • Enabling audit.

  • Setting up clusters on various clouds and on premies.

  • Creating standard operating procedures. 

  • Defining the BEST practices. 

  • Enabling SOLR on Cassandra data.

  • SPARK solutions on Cassandra data.

  • Cluster review and health check reports.

  • JVM Tuning

  Our Blogs

  • Enabling security using LDAP

  • SSL Implementation

  • Different ways of Data migration and Data restoration

  • Audit logging setup

  • Enabling Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) and it’s limitations

  • Changing compaction strategy one node at a time using JMX

  • Point in time recovery using commit log backups

  • Infrastructure scripts using ANSIBLE

  • Data modeling best practices

  • Analyzing GC logs using GCEasy

  • Migration from DSE to Apache Cassandra

  • Migrating from Apache Cassandra to DSE Cassandra

  • Merging two Cassandra Production Clusters

  • Why 31GB Heap has double the performance to 32GB Heap

  • Everything about Reaper

Our Expertise

  • Databases:  Apache Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise, MySQL, CouchDB, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Azure.

  • Operating systems: Solaris, RHEL, CentOS, SuSE, Ubuntu, Linux, Windows.

  • Designing: Erwin, ERStudio, Designer 6i.

  • Storage and networking: GDNSD, Apache TraicServer, GlusterFS, HAProxy, NginX, Ceph.

  • Search engines: Apache Lucene, Apache Solr.

  • Big Data operations: Apache Hadoop, Disco (MapReduce), TokuMX, Scality, Apache Spark.

  • Tools: Jira, Git, SVN, Mercurial, HipHop, Tomcat, Jmeter, Grinder, Cassandra Stress, Cassandra Cluster Manager.

  • Configuration management & automation: Chef, Puppet, OpenStack, Amazon Web Services, Ansible.

  • Monitoring: Cassandra metrics, Ops Center, Grafana, Nagios.

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We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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